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We connect you to

The customers you want

because they want you.





Are you tired of marketing companies that can always show you prices, but rarely results?  Yea, so were we.  Our omni-channel postcard program takes traditional direct marketing techniques blends it with new age digital and social media marketing.  Imagine sending a postcard that can connect someone to directly to your social media!  One was never meant to replace the other, they both exist to make both better.  Our system will identify customers who are:


Our dynamic system is one that calibrates the more you use it, making it easier to only target people who are interested in you.


Using and omni-channel data driven approach, we will be able to identify those who need you to solve their problems now.


With open communication with your customers, you are put in prime postion to make their lives easier with offers that make them act.


Don't chase down worthless leads, wasting your time, your energy, and you money, while letting qualified leads get away.

It's less expensive to deliver the result than it is to convince people to give you money to deliver the result.


How it works

A strategy session with the frogs will help you to identify the people who are having a conversation about you.

Get your voice in the conversation, and start providing the answers your potential customers are looking for.

As you begin to solve peoples problems, our dynamic system starts identifying those who benefit the most from your unique talents.

With a narrowed focus, you can start thanking the people who trust you, and invite others who have yet to benefit from your specialized skills.

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Jeremy Stevens, Republicup

Selling products online seems easy because anyone can do it, but it turns out everyone is doing it.  Laughing Frog's Dynamic Connection System helps saves customers time finding me and saves me time and money by narrowing my search for potential customers.


Brian Clark, Whiskey Alley

This Sh*t works


Alley Kneece, Taproom

Running a business takes so much time and energy, and barely leaves you enough time just to wait on customers to show up.  Connecting directly with my customers saves me so much time, I actually have time to actually enjoy delivering my businesses services to my community.

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Dynamic Connection System

Its hard knowing that you need help with your marketing, but never knowing the results of what you pay for.  We focus on marketing with measurable benchmark successes, so you can be certain of how you have connected to your customers.

If that didn't seem revolutionary all by itself, don't worry, we are changing the game with even more ideas.  The dynamic connection system is a revolution of evolution.  

You have your specializations that make you the exact person someone needs to solve their problems, but not all of their problems.  You don't ask your plumber to make you a sandwich.  With a growing ecosystem of small business collaborators, the success of one is the success of all.

Marketing is not about convincing everyone to use you, it is a system of screening for your business so that you may efficiently serve your true customers.  You are going to miss, which is a good thing; but we all learn from the miss and we all get closer to a hit afterwards.  I've got no problem asking my plumber who makes a good sandwich.

The Dumpster Depot sends out over 1000 invoices a month.  Collaborating with them, we are able to deliver curated packets throughout our area.  As the frogs analyze the responses and results from all of the participating businesses, we are able to tailor customized strategies for all participants.

As you get to know your true customer better, you can provide them with precision solutions that only you are capable of delivering.

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Partnering Businesses

Dumpster Depot

Issuing over 1000 invoices a month, Dumpster Depot reaches home-owners and renters all over Aiken County.

Alley Downtown Taproom

Located in the heart of Aiken, the Taproom is the hub for everyone in downtown Aiken.  Their customer relations are perfect for all downtown businesses.

Whiskey Alley

Whiskey Alley taps into more discerning demographics in Aiken, and would be the perfect collaborator for businesses looking to target clients with specific preferences.

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Want to be a collaborator?

Earn free mailings while increasing the collective connectivity!

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