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3 Reasons beer lovers can ditch the bartender

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Since ancient Greece, people have relied on craftsmen to mix their favorite libations. By the 15th century bartending became a common profession, usually of innkeepers. Tending bar and mixology has come a long way, however, there have been no real advancements in pouring beer. Until now. Thanks to companies like ipourit developing the technology used by local bars here in the CSRA such as Draft Society Taproom and The Alley Downtown Taproom, you can pour your favorite beers at your own watering hole.

1. Why tip someone who made you wait for something you can do yourself?

Nothing against tipping or the service industry workers who make their living from it. In fact, it feels great to make someone's night by letting them know what a great job they are doing. As self gratifying as that is, you know what else feels great? Pouring your own beer. With an RFID tap system, the amounts of beer that you pour are transposed to the central point of sale system, and charged directly to your card. The process is simple.

  1. Have your ID checked to make sure that you are legally allowed to pour and drink delicious craft beers on tap.

  2. Have your credit card swiped into the system and paired with an RFID bracelet.

  3. Press your bracelet to the craft beer tap of your desire.

  4. Pour as much or as little as you like.

Draft Society uses an RFID tap system allowing customers to pour their own beer.
How to use an RFID tap system.

2. You are free to sample and or drink as much as you like.

There is a true beauty to a full frothy pint of craft beer with the slightest amount of foam sliding down the side of your glass. If that first sip turns out to not be of your liking, well then that beautiful pint is just that, beautiful. A piece of art that will go flat, stale and stink; not the type of thing you purchase with crypto at an auction. Thanks to the RFID system, it can track every ounce you pour, allowing you to pour as little or as much as you would like.

We loooooved this place. It’s so nice because you pay by the ounce and you don’t have to spend a ton on a drink that you will potentially not like. - Google Review of Draft Society by Car Belle

Maybe you can't decide between 40+ taps of craft beer? Bounce around and try as much as you like. Both the Draft Society and The Alley Downtown Taproom are constantly changing the beer inventory so there is always something new to try.

Maybe you want to end the night with a big heavy porter. There is no reason a beer can't be a night cap.

Maybe you enjoy your beer like your hamburger, as small sliders instead of giant slabs of beef.

Whatever the reason, what you pour and how much of it is entirely up to you.

3. No more waiting to cash out.

All of your friends are cashed out and ready to go, but you haven't gotten your tab yet. You feel bad for making your friends wait on you before you hop or crawl to the next bar, and in all honesty, this is just more time you don't have a drink. Thanks to that amazing RFID system, all you have to do to pay is simply... leave. What if you are on a Tinder date and things aren't going so hot? All you need is a reason to go the bathroom and just never return. Or how about when Chad shows up but won't shut up. You may pull an Irish goodbye with zero guilt. Hell, you can even come back after a time in the same evening and pick up where you left off. Nobody, not a clumsy bartender or an opportunistic drunk can add drinks to your tab, because your tab is directly tied to the wristband you are wearing.

It's time to rethink that drink

Traditional bars are great. Jagerbombs can be fun. Bartenders can be insightful. You can pour beer. A taproom like the Draft Society on Broad Street in Augusta Ga can be a great place for pre-gaming, night capping, relaxing, Tinder Dates, relaxed work meetings, game nights and all of the etceteras you can imagine. Don't worry, we'll have some more ideas posted later for all of the great individual reasons to spend at the Draft Society in Augusta, or The Alley Downtown Taproom in downtown Aiken, SC.

Customers pouring their own beers at the Draft Society taproom in Augusta, GA
Customers pouring their own beers at The Draft Society Taproom in Augusta GA


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