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Top 3 Reasons to buy a gift card from the Alley Downtown Taproom.

It's like gifting the ultimate sampler pack!

Sure, you could stop buy Kroger and mix and match a couple of those little six packs, or buy one of those silly holiday variety packs by Sam Adams, but what if you gifted someone options? The recipient of your most thoughtful gift can pour by the ounce from any of the 43 taps. Even if you bought every variety pack that was on the shelves, you still wouldn't come close the the variety of this card.

It's more than beer!

There is also kombucha, wine, mead, and cold brew! The entire place is more than beer, its the best part about beer, THE HANG.

"Family friendly and a nice place to hang with friends on an adult night out. Games and music are great to enjoy. They love dogs too we love to bring our pup family with us." - AshleyLynn McDaniel [google review]

It is playing trivia or chess. Its dressing up for themes nights and dancing at silent discos (speaking of, we have an ugly sweater silent disco coming up on the 23rd), its live music at Amp the Alley, its relaxing in the center of town trying to figure out what to do next. Its more than beer, its FUN ON TAP.

They are 20% OFF

How could this be any more of a perfect gift? Simple math: you save $5 for every $20 on the gift card. This obviously presents a potential moral dilemma: it is the perfect gift for yourself... if you are going to be buying some beers at the Taproom, you can get them for 20% off. No judgement from us if you TREAT YOSELF.

BONUS: Enter to win a $50 gift card!

When you show up to The Alley Downtown Taproom on Saturday, December the 17th to buy a gift card at the ANNUAL GIFT CARD sale - you can enter to win a $50 Gift Card for... whoever you choose, even if that's you!

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