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Whiskey Alley is a first of its kind restaurant in the Aiken area, and that can either bring in everyone for a welcome change, or it can flat out scare them away.  At the start it was the latter.  People were unsure of what to expect, and uncertainty convinced them that if they weren't sure, it wasn't for them.  Focusing on Whiskey Alley's unique ability to provide a brand new experience daily with daily changing food and drink menus, we were able to leverage social media and customer management to keep the public aware of the constant changed.  The Covid Pandemic provided a whole new set of challenges.  While most of the restaurant industry was shutting down, unsure if they could even reopen, we adapted to the circumstances and quickly implemented online ordering for the first time as well as a heavy informational campaign, utilizing texts, emails, website changes, and social media, to keep their customer base informed of any changes.


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